A World Without Gods is a pop-punk band from Ann Arbor, Michigan formed in 2018. In a culture growing further divided between narrow ideologies, they stand for freedom of expression. Telling people to think for themselves, to question everything, and seek understanding in this crazy world we live in. They value fun, love, and rebellion. The status quo isn’t going to challenge itself. The world changes one person at a time. So if you seek that change, find it within yourself, or live in a world without gods.

The Happiness Constant      (2020)

Sticking to pop-punk roots but bringing synths into the mix, this album is best described as facing adversity with a fistful of glitter.

The overall theme is about standing up for yourself against the people who tell you how to live, how to act, and what’s “proper.” It’s meant to encourage people to tell their story, to defy the pressure to conform, and have a fun time doing it. The name comes from a conversation Landon had with one of his partners. The key to happiness is self-acceptance, embracing your innermost truths, and being who you really are.

Permanent Press      (2018)

The first EP released as A World Without Gods.

This album was a means of exploring new ideas and developing a workflow for the creative process.
Stylistically the album can be described as an eclectic blend of alternative, funk, and pop-punk.
A little rough around the edges, but a humble beginning.

Music Production & Songwriting

Landon is always looking for new opportunities to help other creatives. Whether it’s songwriting, recording, or mixing, he’s happy to help however he can.

Music is life for us, so feel free to reach out on social media.

Guitar Lessons

Landon has been playing guitar for well over a decade and loves to teach. He is comfortably versed in music theory and believes in a philosophical approach to teaching.

Feel free to contact us below if you’re interested.

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